Trademark Application

$ 425.00

A trademark is an asset to every business. Let us help you register your U.S. trademark - words, slogan, or logo.  The U.S. Trademark fees vary depending on the number of goods and services associated with it but for illustration, if you have one mark such as a logo, and you are using it in association with your pizza restaurant, you may submit an application in one class for $425 inclusive* and American Startup will prepare and submit your filing.  Our trademark document preparation is fast, cost-effective, and helps get your trademark registered quickly. Trademark infringement monitoring service is also available on an annual basis for an additional fee (depends on number of classes of goods). Ask for details at  

Cost: $425.00 (1-2 Classes - same trademark)

*Trademark office filing fees may vary depending on your particular circumstances and the amount is for illustration purposes only.

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