Registered Agent Service

$ 129.00

Maintain your privacy!  Did you know that when you register your company with the state, your name, address, and private information may become available to the public? Plus, technology enables any person or web crawling database to quickly place that private information to many online sites.  American Startup highly recommends that you allow us - a private service company, to serve as your registered agent.  What is a registered agent, you ask?

A Registered Agent is a person or company that you select to receive legal and tax documents on behalf of your business including time-sensitive mail from the Secretary of State, such as annual statements, or tax letters from the Franchise Tax Board. A Registered Agent serves as the first point of contact for claims or lawsuits against your business by accepting Service of Process - documents that initiate a lawsuit.

Like most businesses, you don't want your information public or have a process-serving Marshall showing-up right in-front of your customers.  Let American Startup's Registered Agents serve as your first point of contact for these matters.

Annual Filings and Maintenance a pain to do or remember?

When you choose American Startup as your registered agent, you receive helpful annual compliance reminders and forms to maintain your company. Don't let your business lose its good standing status as an LLC or a corporation. Let American Startup help you comply with your state's legal filing and maintenance requirements. If the entity's formal requirements are not met, or if they are not made on time, your company could be prevented from doing business. That means - no legal standing, no protections, no contracts, no sales, no money!  Furthermore, a company that does not abide by the state and federal laws may lose its liability protection and face a seizure of its assets in order to pay off its franchise taxes and other debts.  Protect your company status today by purchasing an annual subscription to our Registered Agent service. It's an affordable legal solution designed with startups and entrepreneurs in mind.


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