California Bancorp Services

$ 46.00

Bank and financial institution counsel rely on American Startup to efficiently handle their administrative corporate filings, securities offering notices, obtain/renew LEI numbers, obtain taxpayer ID/EINs for new companies, and much more.

Top Services Requested by Banks:

Application and Taxpayer ID/EIN

Private Equity & Stock Limited Offer Exemption Notice (LOEN)

California Department of Business Oversight (DBO) and Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) Applications & approval stamps, Securities and Notice Filings, such as:

  • 25151 - Transfer of Securities
  • 25121, 25162 - Recapitalization/Reorganization
  • 25102(f) or 260.103 - Limited Offer Exemption Notice (LOEN)
  • 25102(h) or 260.103 - Notice Of Issuance

Obtain or Renew Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) SWIFT

Trademark Security Agreement Filings (USPTO)

Trademark Searches, Pre-filing Clearance, Application Processing, Maintenance

UCC Searches and Filings

Liens & Judgment Searches

Corporate Due Diligence - Search and Obtain Corporate Records & Filings

Annual Statements of Information, Corporate Filings, Routine Minutes and Resolutions, Certificates of Incumbency, Stock Transfer Forms, and more

 *Fees do not include government and agency fees, state or agency filing fees, state records copy charges, delivery or messenger fees. If you need an estimate in advance, please forward your request to