Annual Corporate Shareholder and Director Resolutions

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Nearly every corporation is required to hold an annual meeting of shareholders which follows immediately by an annual meeting of the directors. Most corporation Bylaws allow corporations to decide many issues without a meeting through what are known as resolutions – agenda items that the shareholders and directors separately vote on. The written shareholder and director resolutions are drafted in addition to or in place of a meeting and a copy of the meeting minutes and/or resolutions are kept in the Minute Book of the corporation.

Meetings of the shareholders are separate and distinct from the meetings of the Directors, though they can be combined provided that the correct participation is maintained and the correct voting order adhered to (outlined in the Bylaws).

A shareholder who does not want to attend any meeting may appoint someone to vote in his or her place (known as a "proxy") provided the proxy is done in conformity with the Bylaws of the corporation. Such proxies must normally be in writing.

If a corporation has annual meetings, then the Minutes of both Directors’ meetings and shareholders’ meetings must be reduced to writing, attested to by the Secretary and President of the company, and often are attested to by all the shareholders and directors as well.

The forms are downloadable and may easily be modified  to suit your state and company-specific requirements using your word-processing (.docx) software. 

As always, check with your legal professional to make certain your annual resolutions fulfill your company's particular needs.


  • Notice of Annual Shareholder/Stockholder's Meeting
  • Action by Written Consent of the Shareholders/Stockholders in Lieu of Annual Meeting
  • Action by Written Consent of the Directors in Lieu of Annual Meeting
  • ".docx" format
  • Easy download upon checkout
  • Unlocked and ready to revise/modify to your specific needs


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