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Business and financial managers rely on American Startup to form, manage, and maintain the legal standing of thousands of U.S. companies. Today, you can form and manage your LLCs, C-corporations, S-Corporations, and partnerships in a fast, simple, and automated process. Shareholder equity, capitalization, voting and tracking, and securities filings can be completed quickly and efficiently.

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Financial Freedom through Business Ownership

We're passionate about supporting the American Dream. Why not pursue yours and count yourself among the millionaires who've formed a corporation to keep their wealth secure?

Our purpose is to make it easy for you to form a new business by providing fill-in forms, downloadable resources, and a community to foster innovation, share business ideas, best practices, and nurture seed funding opportunities through entrepreneurial networking and seminars.

Let American Startup help you form the business of your dreams by providing you with the forms, products, and information that you need to get going. Ask us:

  • How to form a Limited liability company
  • How to form a S-Corporation
  • How to form a C-Corporation
  • How to form a Limited Partnership
  • How to form a General Partnership
  • How to form a Sole Proprietorship and "DBA"

Learn how easy it is to start the LLC or Corporation registration process. Our incorporation kits include all the forms and instructions needed to start. To begin take a look at some of our most popular startup kits.