Features Overview


Efficient Delivery of Service


Helping your clients grow is vital to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. When your clients know they can rely on you for growth strategies, they are more likely to stay with you, give you a larger piece of their business and refer others to your firm. In other words, building your client’s business leads to building your business.

How do you help them grow? The key is to focus on systems that create efficiencies. This is where we shine. We’ve automated the way in which entities are formed and maintained with our proprietary Amenity™ system. Deadlines, organizational charts, shareholder information, taxpayer number, formation documents, and more are profiled with each entity we serve so you have all of the critical information at your fingertips, whenever you need it and saving you hours of time searching through records.

All Inclusive Pricing

When you choose American Startup as your registered agent, you are buying much more than someone waiting to receive a lawsuit against your client. You’re getting a dedicated manager that tracks the entity filing deadlines, provides you with alerts for any changes in state requirements, and processes the annual reports or statements of information without service fees. Our all-inclusive pricing is the best value for you and your client.


Not Your E-Service Boilerplates


We understand the pain and frustration that CPAs, wealth managers and investors have when it comes to forming and maintaining so many client business entities. Our experience tells us that boilerplate language rarely works for every client, particularly in the entertainment industry.  While we do utilize standardization in our entity minutes, formation documents, and organizational agreements, we carefully customize each new entity according to your instructions and with you and your client’s specific goals in mind.