Work with Others April 24, 2015 16:53

by Lisa Meier Greenwood

Every thing worth doing requires work. And every worthwhile startup is time-consuming. Although you may be the one to envision its concept, you may lack the required skills to launch every aspect of your new venture and morph it into a robust company. By dividing the work among trusted partners with the necessary skill sets, you will allow yourself to gain insightful ideas off your colleagues and accomplish much more than you could by yourself.

Some people think that the ideal startup team has a coder, a salesperson, a designer, and an accountant. The coder builds the site, the salesperson brings in the business, the designer makes things appealing to consumers, and the accountant keeps the bills paid and the cash coming.  Even if you are capable of wearing every hat, there is not enough time in the day for you to wear them all at once and get your company off the ground now.

So, if you can’t convince someone to come on board and get behind your idea and fill one of these roles, you'll need to outsource. Frankly, I think outsourcing your team is the best early-stage method to get traction, improve your cash flow, test what products sell before scaling too large, and build partnerships with other like-minded startups. Need customer support?  Check out  Need a professional phone service and virtual receptionist?  Try  Need an ecommerce site?  There are many such as, and similar sites. By outsourcing some of the departments that you need but simply cannot staff, you'll be able to start selling more and fretting less about how to staff all of your departments. Now get to work.

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