A Simple Way to Form a Company

Ready to change the world with your new LLC or Corporation?  

Great! Let's get started.

1. Pick your design.   From our LLC or Corporation startup kit selection, select a design that matches your style or send us your original artwork for a full custom look.

2. Select your company type - LLC, Corporation, partnership, we've got it covered. Select the company type from the dropdown menu. You can select your state from the dropdown menu as well. If your state is not listed, please enter it at checkout. Click "Add to Cart."

Your LLC or Corporation formation kit includes the forms you need to start your company share certificates, organizational agreements, minutes, resolutions, authorization to open a company bank account, application for your company tax number, checklists, and instructions.

3. At checkout, in the lower box, enter your company name and any additional information you want to include such as number of shares of Common stock, value of the shares of stock (if any), or class of shares such as "Series A Preferred" (not standard) in the box at the checkout. This information is needed for us to create that amazing custom kit you long for!

Enter your company name and other information in the box at checkout.

start a LLC and register your business

4. Checkout and your beautiful custom startup kit will be on its way in no time!

Why a startup kit and a formal record book?

Why pay twice?  Our kits and record books are all-in-one so you can spend money on more important things - like your startup (yay!).  And basically, it's the law of the land and every state (and the Federal government) requires a company to keep and maintain formal records.  Not only that, your records will help preserve the invisible shield between your company assets and your personal property called the "corporate veil."  And frankly because we believe that serious business does not have to be boring, we've created our collection of artful modern designs that reflect today's forward-thinking company.

We also offer a colorful selection of company stock and membership certificates, vibrant custom Embossing Stamps, and more. Best of all, our products are Made in the USA.